Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Replica Saint Laurent Niki Quilted Shoulder Bag

I have always had no special feelings for Saint Laurent. I can’t help but look handsome when I see this Replica Saint Laurent Bag! NIKI is the new spring of YSL, and it is also the current flagship product. The old leather craftsmanship makes the original charming and elegant chain Replica Saint Laurent Bag look aggressive and more capable, and the good texture of the leather also gives the Replica Saint Laurent Bags a lot of points! More importantly, Saint Laurent also fouled Kate Moss to shoot a promotional video, making NIKI more special at once, rebellious and full of fun.

Saint Laurent’s SAINT LAURENT Niki Quilted Shoulder Replica Saint Laurent Bag is the first Replica Saint Laurent Handbags designed by Anthony Vaccarello after taking office. It has been very popular once it was launched, and it is most suitable for Asians.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The black Baby size is the one that you have more choices. In fact, in addition to the wrinkled black, there are also gray brown, brown, etc., as well as matte texture and the recent new crocodile embossing. But black is the most beautiful! In terms of size, I think the medium size is also good, the upper body looks good, and there are naturally more things to fit, suitable for tall girls.

The biggest feature of this Replica Saint Laurent Bags is that the leather surface is treated with a wax surface, which looks retro and a little cool. Coupled with the same color logo design, the entire Replica Saint Laurent Bag looks full of high-level sense.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This distressed waxed leather is not only very soft, but also light in weight. It is used as an overnight Replica Saint Laurent Handbags. Even if you put more things, you are not afraid to carry it too heavy. In addition to the low-key and exaggerated design, the large capacity is also a point that many people like.

The clamshell design has two layers of pockets. The inside of the Replica Saint Laurent Bag has an internal zipper pocket and the back has an open pocket, which makes it easy to organize things.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

As for the size, the trumpet can already be installed, the medium size is more suitable for daily commuting, and it is not a problem to load two clothes, and the large size can handle the overnight demand for one night, and it can not be more practical.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

In addition to the classic black, other colors are also very low-key with texture, coupled with a delicate metal chain, whether it is used as a commuter Replica Saint Laurent Handbag or an overnight date Replica Saint Laurent Bag, will also add a lot.


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