Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Replica Louis Vuitton Antheia Handbags


The medium lambskin Antheia handbag made of luxurious and diverse styles. Louis Vuitton Antheia Replica delicate embroidered Monogram pattern highlights the elegance and luxury, soft lambskin handbags material will shape its feminine curves. Big bags as river carp, but Louis Vuitton has always belonged to her own position as LV bags has always been one of the stars favorite handbags, almost every day we can see the size of the stars are carrying the latest models or classic debut LV bags, Louis Vuitton design repeatedly been reinterpreted, but it was always the same classic elegance. 2014 Summer Lockit handbag soft leather manufacturing, followed the iconic opening design and padlock design, and integration of a new fashion elements.


In addition, Alma handbag is one of the classic Louis Vuitton handbags, United kinddom her prototype from 1934 by Mr. Gaston Vuitton creative Squire Bag bag. Wrap streamlined cylindrical handle, handle riveted patch, double zipper design … Alma is LV’s most sought after fashion women handbag. Over the past two decades a full, Alma handbag constantly together with LV classic design techniques, different materials have to give this classic handbag different temperament. Alma handbag series added a new selection dozen colors, from deep purple to bold phosphor figs, rich warm orange to lemon yellow, sky blue to striking the delicate cocoa brown, fresh mint green to cool rock gray, in addition to black and plum red lightning series, has added luster gorgeous glowing green lightning. Each color all the time expressing themselves distinctive style and fashion attitude. Yesterday, I was indigo. Today, I was Carmine. Ming, who knows .Louis Vuitton Parnassea Alma Alma bags word derived from the Place de l’Alma Square, shape Art Deco (art deco) the characteristics of the building, slender and pure; this was born in 1934 classic Louis Vuitton handbags, unique in the classic style of the major brands. Colorful, soft cowhide leather material selection Cachemire and Taurillon particle leather, for distant legend Adds a new chapter.


Louis Vuitton Antheia more designs will soon join the magic feast of color, three-color mosaic of the limited design, burst infinite vitality of life – the first is a shoulder bag: casual, relaxed, hands; then one of the classic models Petit Noe handbag. Life is full of fun, full of emotions, changing style – that is the magic of color. The new magic Epi series debut. Louis Vuitton Lockit handbags born since 1958, designed to be repeatedly re-interpretation, but it was always the same classic elegance. 2014 summer new Lockit handbag soft leather (Veau Cachemire) manufacturing, in addition to follow curved upper opening of the iconic design, package design and leather padlock side zipper pull, but also cleverly integrated a more stylish design elements — classic Lockit Wrap the outside of the extension package stitching wing, was V-shaped stitching section lines, with the slim handle, so that the new Lockit become a low-key and trendy new endorsement. Louis Vuitton Lockit handbags this summer makes it difficult to let go of the unique history and charm not only from today’s collision, but also because it is the perfect combination of luxury and practical. Thanks to a removable, adjustable package with the design, soft and lightweight hand regardless Lockit handbag, shoulder or elbow collapse are equally comfortable. Generous interior space for the use of fleece inside calf, large zip pocket and cell phone pocket bag pattern within a reasonable allocation, according to the daily needs easily accommodate A4 documents and laptops, powerful functionality make the perfect response to each of the Louis Vuitton Women kinds of occasions.


Launched last year, the all-new bag handbag Parnassea each one both fashion and personality. Stroking his foot on the surface like a wonderful sensory journey. Continuation of the brand has always been beautiful shape, the perfect harmony of materials and colors, inspired by the poetry that Pal movement, integration of the unrestrained imagination and precise structure. Louis Vuitton bags Parnassea whole new series of handbags and small leather pieces are named after the famous street in Paris: Alma, Vivienne. These familiar titillating name, as if to invite people go poetic wander the streets of Paris. Four bags (including two classic Louis Vuitton handbags and two new handbags) as well as two small pieces of leather are available in four elegant leather options. Racine silky soft natural leather mixed with dark Cachemire soft leather, as if the day “Vivienne” street lighting to reproduce, while compact yet luxurious calfskin Box soft glow at night like sheen. But then I thought, LV 2014 summer Lockit handbag most irresistible attraction, it should be is that at first glance, the familiar lines of the design, smooth and soft calfskin with the brand’s unique silver metal fittings. From trendy black, bright red berries, deep plum, soft and elegant beige to pale peach, there is always a good heart would be.


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