Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Replica Fendi PVC Classic FF Print Bucket Shoulder Bag

Replica Fendi Bag “ambition” is reflected in the design of PEEKABOO. This bag has a total of 4 different sizes, from the smallest micro size to the largest large size. Whether you want to use it as decoration or pursue practicality, PEEKABOO can satisfy you.

Replica Fendi Bag

Micro is the smallest size, and can basically only fit small things such as a lipstick and a key. This size can be used as a small accessory, or used to stack with other bags. Mini PEEKABOO may be the most used size in daily life. The handle and shoulder strap can be hand-carried or cross-body, which is very convenient to use.

Replica Fendi Bag

Replica Fendi Handbag PEEKABOO’s different size designs also allow many stars to match them as mother-daughter bags, or sister bags. Private customization, in addition to the size PEEKABOO, there are many different colors, fabrics, materials, and countless styles.

But if you still can’t choose the one you like, don’t worry, Replica Fendi Bag also launched a private customization service for this bag, you can have your own only PEEKABOO.

Replica Fendi Bag

Replica Fendi Handbag personal customization service is really conscientious. From the color matching leather of the bag body, to the handle, belt, and coat, you can design it yourself. You can use your imagination to be your own handbag designer. PEEKABOO is very versatile. The different carrying methods of the handle and shoulder strap can be matched with different styles. If your outfit is more ladylike, or a noble and elegant dress, you can choose to use the handle alone.

Replica Fendi Bag

For everyday and casual occasions, using shoulder straps, shoulder or crossbody is very individual. If you like a very casual feeling, you can open the bag buckle, so that there will be natural folds at the mouth of the Replica Handbag, and the inner design can be faintly leaked.


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  • Price8
  • Style9
  • Practical8
  • Space8
  • 8.2