Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Replica Double C de Cartier Bag

Isn’t the weather getting warmer recently, I’m going to add some “new friends” to the wardrobe and cabinet. I haven’t bought a new bag for a long time. A few days ago, I browsed Xiaohongshu and watched the supermodel Cici Xiang Bajing posted a group of photos in Qingdao. I didn’t expect her to plant Cartier’s new bag, Panthère de Replica Cartier Handbags.

The overall design of this bag is quite low-key, but I recognized the cheetah lock on the bag at a glance, it is too Replica Cartier Bags. When I searched for this bag, I found that Chen Yu was also carrying it when shooting magazines.

Replica Carier Handbags

Speaking of Replica Cartier Handbags, many friends will immediately think of their “soul beast” – the cheetah. As early as the 1990s, the embossed cheetah lock appeared on Cartier’s bags. I have always liked Cartier’s cheetah shape. I feel that the leopard has a cool energy, which can be gentle but hides strength. Unfortunately, the entry threshold for jewelry is a little high.

Replica Carier Handbags

This time, the newly launched Panthère de Replica Cartier Bags retains the classic cheetah lock, and the bag shape is also in my heart. Panthère de Cartier has just been released, and we got it for the first time~ After researching it for a few days, I am going to give you a detailed evaluation. Let’s take a look~

Replica Carier Handbags

Before sharing the bag, let’s briefly talk about this little cheetah. Friends who are familiar with Replica Cartier Handbag know that they have a cheetah series called Panthère de Cartier. Although we often see cheetahs in jewelry, in fact, it is related to The fate of Cartier starts with the watch.

As early as 1914, the “cheetah element” appeared in a watch designed by Replica Cartier Bag. The black and white onyx and diamonds look like a leopard pattern, which is also the prototype of Cartier’s cheetah series. And the person who really melts the cheetah into Cartier’s “blood” has to mention Jeanne Toussaint.

Replica Carier Handbags

She was Replica Cartier Bag first female jewelry creative director (1933-1970), and the early Cartier handed down cheetah jewelry came out of her hands. For example, the first three-dimensional cheetah jewelry is this cheetah brooch set with a natural emerald weighing 116.85 carats, custom-made for the Duchess of Windsor.


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