Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Replica Burberry The Baby Bridle Bag in Riveted Leather Black

Inventory Burberry men and women echoes the new logo models The Bridle bag. Replica Burberry Handbags create a precedent for fashion, in September for the first time combined men’s and women’s wear series in London Fashion Week grand release. Brand launched a grand new men and women echoes the new logo models bags series.

Replica Burberry Bags This latest bag with a set of beauty and strength of a Ma Le skin, what Ma Le skin? It was originally used in the harness to make bridle leather, because it should try not to wear the horse’s skin, but also durable, so not only has a silk-like touch Malei feel, but also extremely flexible and high Carrying capacity. This season’s main accessories inspired by the classic British equestrian and Burberry classic outdoor appliances, with the elements of British history and art and culture of the spark of creativity.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Round replica handbags with colorful solid color, election elastic material fabric, made from the traditional British horse harness material Mahogany leather. With a “halter” style design shoulder strap can be used for shoulder or slash, easy to create everyday style. The Bridle collection is crafted from a sophisticated workshop in Italy.

Replica Burberry Handbags The Baby Bridle Bag in Riveted Leather Tan inherits the traditional equestrian style of design, showing excellent detail and perfect silhouette. From the “bridle” -style round buckle on the shoulder straps to the grooved borders of the flap and polished smooth edges, it perfectly echoed the exquisite detail of traditional British equestrian equipment.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Selection of high quality Mahler leather, smooth arc-shaped replica bag tote with equestrian style shoulder strap, metal buckles and rivets decorated to create a stylish classic style.

The Bridle ladies bag with a combination of a variety of leather. Rounded cover with a smooth texture of choice Mahogany leather, handbags selection of very shiny alligator leather, and the replica handbag tote can be opened from both sides, each side is equipped with an independent inner bag.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Front pocket with a thin D-shaped buckle opening and closing, and add built-in pocket. Back pocket with magnetic buckle, inside the well-designed zipper pocket can be placed within the pocket.

Each of the Bridle bag’s body wrap is exquisite and flexible, including a variety of fabric replica bag tote options, selection of grain leather and Haymarket check check, rivets made of leopard calf decoration.

Practical ride style, inspired by the T station, the replica bag tote comes with two straps: a detachable fine version of the leather diagonal straps for daily use, another removable wide half version of the shoulder strap to create eclectic style of fashion .

Replica Burberry Handbags

The rivets are decorated in leather and reminiscent of the details of the boxes and armchairs, which is to pay tribute to the interior designer, Nancy Lancaster. At the same time, she also inspired the season’s clothing line has played an important role in enlightenment. Other knight-inspired braid inspired by details of the British Army uniform. The Baby Bridle is smaller and opens with a slightly smaller D-shaped buckle, with adjustable straps for shoulder and diagonal straps. There is a built-in pocket inside the bag, and a zip pocket inside the pocket on the back.


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