Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Lady Dior Small Bag Black Lambskin Leather

Today to offer the Replica Dior Handbags home Lady Dior’s three grid and five cells in two sizes of the user evaluation to everyone – the sisters of the real experience to share with you! Three cells Lady Replica Dior Handbags: small and slightly heavy capacity, but it is enough beauty ah! Lady Dior small three-cell grid, it is also clever ah, I APP if the sun is the first treasure it ah, really good water this water. Originally wanted to say to buy three grid white or gray, or gray cloth pattern. (Because the gray ban dirty ah), the results of the occasional cardamom powder, it is too beautiful. In fact, there are a lot of people before buying lady that style is not practical, but I as a standard Libra is the color of the value must be lost on this aspect.

Back to the bag. Material: small sheepskin texture, although the squeamish, but the cortical plumpness, the absolute softness of the top 9602 a good one. Abrasion resistance: Knock on the blackboard, the biggest problem is a small sheepskin soft but easy to cut rub, each carefully take, after all, I usually Tai Dalielite. So wear is really slightly worse ah. And I have a hand sweat problem, every time take the handle are afraid to engage in dirty it. Weight: as a 6P are equipped with a small bag, really quite heavy, the specific weight has not been said, a metal chain and logo, but also increase the weight of the invisible. Capacity: good enough, because I used to think that 6s mobile phone, short wallet, paper towels lipstick keys, these can be put down is enough. Disadvantages: Lady Replica Dior Bags three cells because of the relatively small reason, so the replica bag tote itself is also a small opening, take the release of things is not very convenient.

Advantages: the United States, the United States and the United States that saved my countless ladies clothes. With nude color, white skirt simply ah. This is really too beautiful, believe me. Self-confidence face jpg. Finally, in fact, since the establishment of the concern has been to follow, no matter if the sister will not choose my sun goods, or hope this, APP this team Yuezuo Yue better. Support, cartridge.

Replica Dior handbags, this Lady dior really bought quite a long time, and about 6 years, the most classic size of five cells, the size of the classic Dior Lady Dior, Beige patent leather is very wild. Commonly known as Dai Fei replica bag tote ~ appearance of the color value: Dior classic quilted Ling checkered design, CD-type semi-circular handle, with the same color patent leather shoulder strap, with gold Dior Logo really good fine! Patent leather glossy texture with the zipper at the delicate lambskin, very elegant; bottom four corners of the metal rivet support, easy to place, and wear. Size: Size 24 * 20 * 11cm, square, lovely and type .Internal details: bag lining is Dior classic jacquard pattern, the inside wall has a zipper-style dark pocket can be installed cards, small wallet and other valuables. : Girls are generally required to install the basic daily, such as: lipstick, mobile phones, paper towels, sunglasses, wipes, makeup powder or air cushion foundation, small mirror, etc. Weight: This bag because of their material, workmanship and hardware The problem is a bit heavy weight, probably less than a kilogram, but compared to the beauty, this is ignored. Disadvantages and improvements: 1. As is the zipper design (my old), loading and take out is not very convenient , Compared to the card hand, but the new has changed the design, into a clamshell, so like a small partner to quickly start the new bar ~ 2. Patent leather and other color items if placed with a relatively long time, then easily stained, my There is a little bit, but to look carefully to see, so use her little fairy, please carefully carefully Oh ~ 3. The top zipper position is flat easy to fouling, so the best time to accept the bag with a good breathable dust Oh ~ In short, this Lady Dior I personally still love, set beautiful, elegant, gas field, type, wild In one! Such a classic, must not miss!

Lady Dior Dai Fei replica bag tote. Lattice pattern, patent leather texture, jacquard lining, ring leather handle, metal base, really is a classic paragraph, red, five cells, 24 * 12 * 20cm size. I originally wanted to three grid, but it is too small to feel that is not enough, so the final election of the five cells, five cells in fact I think sheepskin more beautiful, three grid patent leather is more beautiful, so this is too bright for me, Not imagined so good, but married the red replica bag tote appearance frequency is relatively high? Is not too often, did not find that deformation and dyeing phenomenon, in general sheepskin more temperament, patent leather with gas field , Five grid of sheepskin looks better, three grid of patent leather is simply too fine, if I choose may be a black sheepskin.

This pink pink Lady Replica Dior Bags is my birthday in 2012 when the gift to their own, but also the first life only more than 10,000 yuan of the bag, then invited a group of friends to eat in the South Beauty birthday feast, (then looks like South Beauty not bad). (Now SKP) At first I want to buy Chanel, but did not see the day like the style, went directly to the Dior store, a fancy this (at the time Dior and Chanel is not a street bag, in particular, this Dai Fei replica bag tote, basically no young girl back).


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