Tuesday 26 September 2023
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Balenciaga Blackout City Small leather tote Noir

Wore the best-selling motorcycle rings for more than a decade, the Ballet family this “Blackout”, once the most iconic rivet decoration wingless, still wonder that children are not finished semi-finished products, nearly 20,000 yuan price Up is a slap, the Very Side to wake up. Curious 15 years ago designed the locomotive bag Nicolas Ghesquiere see this scene how to feel, brain make up Nicolas heart OS: baby painstaking design rivet decoration are you pull out?

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With the well-known classic details, but with the unexpected removal of all the studs, Replica Balenciaga Bags Blackout City Small leather tote Noir metal parts; in the city’s cycle, it seems that the total need for such a bag, except bound, with the most comfortable, simple Fashionable match. This is the BALENCIAGA Paris family new Blackout handbags, if you are Arena series of handbags fans, then this season how can not understand Blackout handbags? It retains the classic Arena handbag profile, both positive and negative perforation pattern coupled with lightweight handle and magnetic lock design, full of humanity. Blackout handbags using the finest French calfskin “Veau Soyeux” (meaning soft silk calfskin) manufacturing. This leather with a natural texture, tentacles soft. After double tanning, the “soft in the band just” – soft leather also brought a tough feature.

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Replica Balenciaga Handbags this “Blackout” bag is the brand iconic “City” Tote replica bag toteof simple models design. Material: calfskin. Internal details: leather lining, zipper pocket and dark pocket handle, detachable adjustable shoulder strap bag with two-way zipper made in Italy. Brand Color: Gris Cendre height of 24 cm, width 28 cm, thickness 14 cm. Shoulder strap minimum length of 105 cm, shoulder strap maximum length of 110 cm, height 24 cm, width 28 cm, thickness 14 cm, shoulder strap minimum length of 105 cm, shoulder strap maximum length of 110 cm. Locomotive replica bag totewas originally designed by designer Nicholas Ghesquière for a bag with a suit, but Replica Balenciaga Handbags stressed that the exquisite material for the end, the use of complex three-dimensional structure is Balenciaga unique features, designer Nicholas in the introduction of accessories will be signs Used in bag design, specifically to goatskin, crocodile skin and other high-level leather to be special treatment, so that the leather soft and smooth but can maintain a three-dimensional, even if the size is also very light.

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This bag out of the dance, dinner, more into the life, in the usual more commonly used. But as long as the carry on the street, immediately become the focus, the unique leather must be, car line, metal buckle, zipper and hand tanned leather traces, so you become very personal. Women can finally show women in the soft at the same time, but also the performance of women’s handsome, which makes women more attractive! Locomotive replica bag totestyle quite a lot, there are more than a dozen colors. First of all, the most prominent feature of the motorcycle replica bag toteis 12 buckle, divided into: gold ingots, rose nails, silver nails, classic nails and leather nails five.

Second, the replica bag toteis divided into Giant and Classic models, Giant has gold, silver, rose three kinds of buckle selection, but Classic only classic nails. Locomotive replica bag totebuckle nail size size of the points, the best way to distinguish is to see the replica bag totesection, model GIANT21 series, are large nail models (including gold nails, rose nails and silver nails), according to the different size of the nails, Giant series is also divided into Giant21 & Giant12; so small nails, small nails and small rose nails are also some. And the common small nails, in front of the model without GIANT. So the difference between city and Giant city is the size of the nail, the election nail, model marked as: Giant city or Giant part time.

replica balenciaga handbags

From left to right in order: classic small nails, rose nails, nails. Classic nails: This nail is very small, smooth surface, fineness more retro antique. Rose nail: the difference between the classic nail is that the rose nail on the dark pattern, the color is still bronze, with a sense of chronology. Gold nails and silver nails: as the name suggests is gold and silver, the same is a rose nail lines. On the left for the silver nails, the right for the leather nails. Leather nails: nails are very good to identify, the first is because it is usually consistent with the color of the replica bag tote, the second of its material is leather rather than metal, so called leather nails.


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